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THE FLYING DUTCHMAN: Freerunnen in Amsterdam!

Luciano Balestra is a pretty average 18 year old from the Netherlands. He works a menial job in hopes of saving up enough money to travel. If there is one unique thing about Luciano it’s that he has an obsession with movement, all types, really, but he especially loves to freerun. This web series follows Luciano and his friends as they freerun through the Netherlands, not because they are getting paid big money or becoming famous, but because there is nothing average about the art of movement.

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FREERUNNING Holi Shit – in kleurrijk Berlijn


Holi Shit takes a team of freerunners, geared up with a bunch of “toys” which were as great to play with as they are to watch in slow motion and follows their adventures through the abandoned suburbs of Berlin.

During their three days journey, the freerunners and camera crew got lost more than once on the endless highways outside of Berlin Brandenburg. We also realized that the most interesting abandoned places are not only well concealed, but are well guarded by security and police. Ignoring those signs of warning the next days were packed with thrilling moments of spectacular runs and tricks but also, getting chased by ghost hunters at midnight, and getting arrested by the police while shooting a drone shot with smoke grenades on top of the tallest building in the area. Obviously not a good idea!

Every big city has one thing in common. After a while it is quite hard to get out of a place filled with so much energy. Chasing those abandoned buildings and feeling the calmness of a place once filled with so much life was truly inspirational.