The E.O.F.T. is the biggest outdoor film event in the European outdoor community and is touring through 9 European countries, with over 200 events scheduled.The 13th annual festival features action-packed outdoor films with stunning moments, breathtaking visuals and thrilling stunts. From the rough atlantic tides at the Arctic Circle to the most challenging climbing routes in the red rock scenery of Moab.

The athletes featured in this year’s tour are not only sportsmen and sportswomen, but have a lot to tell us. There are, for example, the two Norwegians Inge and Jørn, who spent a winter at the polar circle—primarily to surf—and who almost incidentally collected three tons of plastic waste that was washed ashore. Or the adventurer and climber Kyle Dempster, who rode his bike from Karakol to the far reaches of Kyrgyzstan to climb there—or to have a drink with Kyrgyz soldiers…

The following films will be presented:

  • NORTH OF THE SUN, Surfing documentary
  • WIDE BOYZ, Off-width climbing
  • THE ROAD FROM KARAKOL, Mountain bike road trip
  • CASCADA, Kayaking SUPERVENTION, Ski & snowboard
  • SOUND OF THE VOID, Steep skiing
  • THE BEGINNING, Canyoning
  • PETIT BUS ROUGE, Highline & BASE jump action
  • NOTBAD, Mountain bike rampage

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