Caguama 85mm – Longboard Wielen


Caguama 85mm – Longboard Wielen

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ORANGATANG – Caguama 85mm – Longboard Wielen

Deze grote Caguama 85 mm wielen zijn special gemaakt voor snelheid grip en een super comfortabel rolgevoel.

De Caguama is gemaakt van de Happy Urethane-formule die zorgt voor een hoge rolsnelheid, goede grip, veel comfort en momentum voor woon-werkverkeer, carven, lange afstand pushing, pompen en op elektrische longboards. Aankoopprijs is voor een set van 4 wielen.

Beschikbaar in blauw 77a, oranje 80a en in het paars 83a. 

  • Diameter: 85mm
  • Breedte: 58,5 mm breed
  • Contactvlak: 56 mm
  • Durometers: 77a (blauw), 80a (oranje), 83a (paars).

Orangatang gepatenteerde Happy Urethane-formule


Orangatang Caguama 85 mm – Longboard Wheels

Who said size doesn’t matter?
These wheels are designed for speed, grip, and an ultra-smooth ride. Additionally, it’s actually designed for the rigors of e-boarding (It’s the same core as the Kegel so it’ll fit many of the belt drive e-board systems out there).

  • 85mm Tall
  • 58.5mm Wide
  • 56mm Contact Patch
  • Orangatang proprietary Happy Urethane formula
  • Fancy shmancy 3 dimensional graphic to break even more hearts. Orangatang believes it probably provides slightly better strength to weight
  • Fits on many Loadedboards. See below.

Durometers: 77a (Blue, 80a (Orange), 83a (Purple)

Recommended Loaded Board Setups For The Caguama:

  • Icarus: Recommended with nipple bushings and cupped washers
  • Dervish Sama: Recommended with double barrel bushings (standard Nipple setup)
  • Vanguard: Works with stock bushings
  • Fattail: Works with stock bushings (and 150mm trucks)
  • Tesseracts (Basalt, Cantellated, Truncated) and Blood Slayer: Generally not encouraged, but will work with a few risers for specific riding styles
  • Overland, Poke, Kanthaka: Works with multiple risers. We particularly recommend the Carver CX4s with 3/8″ risers
  • Tarab and Bhangra: Not recommended as those are more freestyle/dance oriented. But then again, who are we to say?



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